24. Present simple y Present continuous.2

Present simple y Present continuous.2


Elige el tiempo que conviene entre present simple y

present continuous.


1.I still …. (to remember) my first day at school.


2.You ….. (to be) very silly about this.


3.Of course you can come; I …. (not to do)anything atthe moment.


4.Don’t worry, I… (not to sleep), I’m awake.


5.The postman usually comes before noon.


6.This apple … (to taste) very sweet.


7.Prices …(to go up); the value of the Euro …(to go down).


8.Jenny …(to work) in a restaurant this week.


9.You’ll recognize him without any problem; he …(to wear) a red tshirt and shorts today.


10….(to go/you) on holiday by plane sometimes?

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