23. Present simple y Present continuous.1

Present simple y Present continuous.1


Elige el tiempo que conviene entre present simple y present continuous.


1.We always ……… (to speak) softly while our little sister …..(to sleep).


2.In the winter the sun …… (to set) early.


3.Every morning my mother …. (to get up) at seven o’clock.


4.Listen! The band ….. (test) the new guitar.


5.Be quiet please! I … (to study) for my next exam.


6.Can you turn off the radio? Of course, I … (to listen) to it.


7.John is very tired tonight. He … (to want) to go home now.


8.What is so funny? Why … (to laugh)?


9.You should take an umbrella. It … (to rain)


10.What ….. usually …. (to do) at the weekend?


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