22.-Gerunds and Infinitives 8 First Certificate

Gerunds and Infinitives Part 4



Put the verb into the gerund or the infinitive with ‘to’:



  1. I couldn’t sleep so I tried (drink) some hot milk.
  2. She tried (reach) the book on the high shelf, but she was too small.
  3. They tried (get) to the party on time but the bus was
  4. We tried (open) the window, but it was so hot outside it didn’t
  5. He tried (get) a job in a newspaper firm but they wouldn’t hire
  6. He tried (get) a job in a newspaper firm but he still wasn’t satisfied.
  7. You should stop (smoke), it’s not good for your
  8. We stopped (study) because we were
  9. They will stop (have) lunch at twelve.
  10. We stopped (have) a rest, because we were really
  11. Oh no! I forgot (buy)
  12. Please don’t forget (pick) up some juice on your way
  13. I forget (lock) the door, but I’m sure I must have locked
  14. Have we studied this before? I’ve forgotten (learn) it.
  15. Please remember (bring) your
  16. I remember (go) to the beach as a child.
  17. Finally I remembered (bring) your book! Here it
  18. Do you remember (eat) steak in that little restaurant in Rome?
  19. I regret (tell) you that the train has been
  20. I regret (tell) Julie my secret; now she has told
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