21.-Gerunds and Infinitives 7 First Certificate

Gerunds and Infinitives Part 3


Put the verb into the gerund or the infinitive with ‘to’:



  1. It appears (be)
  2. We intend (go) to the countryside this
  3. I pretended (be) sick so I didn’t have to go to
  4. Can you imagine (live) without TV?
  5. They tolerate (smoke) but they prefer people not
  6. I anticipate (arrive) on
  7. A wedding involves (negotiate) with everyone in the family.
  8. He denies (steal) the
  9. He claims (be) a millionaire but I don’t believe
  10. I expect (be) there about
  11. Julia reported (see) the boys to the
  12. It tends (rain) a lot in
  13. Do you recall (meet) her at the party last week?
  14. She mentioned (go) to the cinema, but I don’t know what she decided to do in the
  15. The teenager refused (go) on holiday with his
  16. I understand (be) late once or twice, but every day is too much!
  17. I would prefer you (come) early if you can.
  18. That criminal deserves _ (get) a long
  19. She completed (paint) her
  20. We arranged (meet) at four but at four thirty she still hadn’
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