194.- Singular nouns.

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Nouns in English have both singular and plural forms. However, there is a group of nouns that can only be singular.



1. Names of particular people, places, events, e.g. Peter, Johnson, Trafalgar Square, Easter, Saturday…



As far as I’m concerned, Christmas is the most enjoyable time of the year.
I’ve got a few friends but Bernard is my best friend.
Oxford Street is always full of people on Saturdays.
Versailles is a famous castle in France.
Mont Blanc is not as high as Mount Everest.




Although, you can use some of them in plural if you think of them in a ‘countable’ way:



We never work on Sundays.
The Johnsons are coming for lunch this evening.
All those coffees you’ve drunk today can’t be good for you.
When I saw the lottery numbers, I thought all my Christmases came together.
Look how many chocolates there are on the shelf.




2. Most uncountable nouns: water, furniture, advice, hair…



Some of these nouns may be countable in your language, so be mindful and try not to tell them wrong.




I’m not going to the beach, the water is too cold today.
We haven’t had such a beautiful weather for a long time, have we?
You know what they say – good advice is better than rubies.
Have you seen that girl? Her hair is orange with violet and green locks.
Modern technology is the best thing that has ever happened.
Look at the great furniture in that shop window.
You shouldn’t leave your luggage unattended.
Do they really ned all that equipment to fix the tap?
Apparently, the jewellery she kept in a hotel safe wasn’t insured.




3. Some nouns ending in ‘S’: politics, Emirates, crossroads, measles, physics, maths,…



Some of these nouns may have plural in your native language, so be careful. Remember them in context and don’t translate in your head while speaking English.



Emirates is charging for seat selection.
I’m very interested in history. However, politics is not my cup of tea.
How common is measles in your country?
Although I’m not very fond of maths, physics is my favourite subject.
Fiona almost fainted when she heard the tragic news.
Skittles was one of my favourite games while growing up.
Although his parents wanted him to study economics, Sean decided to go for acting.
Brussels is the capital of Belgium.
Go straight and then turn left at the next crossroads.
Stir onions, molasses, mustard, tomato paste and cinnamon into the pan.

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