19.-Gerunds and Infinitives 5 First Certificate

Gerunds and Infinitives Part 1


Put the verb into the correct form:



  1. I don’t fancy (go) out
  2. She avoided (tell) him about her
  3. I would like (come) to the party with
  4. He enjoys (have) a bath in the
  5. She kept (talk) during the
  6. I am learning (speak)
  7. Do you mind (give) me a hand?
  8. She helped me (carry) my
  9. I’ve finished (cook). Come and eat!
  10. He decided (study) Biology.
  11. I dislike _ (wait).
  12. He asked (come) with
  13. I promise (help) you
  14. We discussed (go) to the cinema, but in the end we stayed at home.
  15. She agreed (bring) the
  16. I don’t recommend (take) the bus, it takes forever!
  17. We hope (visit) Amsterdam next
  18. She suggested (go) to the
  19. They plan (start) college in the
  20. I don’t want (leave)
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