179.- Direct and Indirect questions.

Direct and Indirect questions.



What flavour is this drink?


Can you tell me what flavour this drink is?

Why isn’t Sarah here yet?


Do you know why Sarah isn’t here yet?

Has the film started yet?


Could you tell me wether the film has started yet?

What’s the price of this car?


Could you tell me what the price of this car is?

What time does tis train leave?


Could you tell me what time the train leaves?

How much does Peter earn?


Do you know how much Peter earns?

What is the capital of Australia?


Do you know what the capital of Australia is?

Where did I put my keys?


Have you any idea where I put my keys?

What does ‘ambitious’ mean?


Have you any idea what ‘ambitious’ means?

Does this costumer have credit facilities?


Can you tell me whether this customer has credit facilities?

Where is the train station?


Could you tell me where the train station is?

What’s her name?


Could I ask you what her name is?

What should I write her?


Would you mind telling me what I should write here?
605 337 239
Luis Vives, 10
Espacio THEMAN
L9 Cruz del rayo
L4 Prosperidad