175.- Other ways to say stop

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To Halt


Meaning: to get somebody to stop, usually used as a command


He turned and shouted to the rest of the men, ‘Halt!’



To Prevent


Meaning: to stop someone from doing something or to stop something from being done


Everybody is looking for a vaccine that will prevent the spreading of Covid-19.

A burglar alarm will prevent somebody from breaking into your home and stealing your valuables.



To Hinder


Meaning: not to stop entirely but to make something a little bit more difficult


Ice on the road will hinder your driving. 

The snowstorm may hinder the train from arriving on time. 



To Obstruct


Meaning: to stop someone or something from moving forward or backwards, to block their path


After a storm, a fallen tree obstructed the road.



To Inhibit


Meaning: to make someone unable to express themselves freely


Her presence inhibited him from saying what he wanted to say.



To Stem Something


Meaning: to stop the flow


If there’s a burst water pipe in your home, you wrap something around it until the plumber gets there so the water doesn’t spill out quite so much.

We put pressure on the wound with some bandage to stem the flow of blood.



To Prohibit


Meaning: to not allow or to forbid something


From that date, smoking was prohibited in public places and workplaces.

Going beyond a certain point in the airport is prohibited.



To Hamper


Meaning: to slow down or to make movement difficult


He had a broken leg which hampered his ability to get down the stairs.

The long tight dress that she wore hampered her movement so she wasn’t able to run. 

The bad weather hampered the movement around the city.



To Stand In Somebody’s Path Or In Somebody’s Way


Meaning: to stop someone from doing something, to prevent


It’s a pity you couldn’t go to the university closer to home but don’t let me stand in your way. 



To Keep Someone From Doing Something


Meaning: to physically stop them


Safety gates keep children from going upstairs.

Blocking your credit card keeps you from spending money.



To Restrain


Meaning: to limit someone’s movements


The police restrained the thief by handcuffing him to a post.



To Refrain (From)


Meaning: to avoid doing something


Please refrain from touching your face.

Those are the other ways to say Stop in English. Let me just run through them again:

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