Dictado: The city tours.B1.2 (profesores)

The city tours will take you by bus to all the most famous places in the city. You can get off the bus
if you like, and you can get on the next tour bus that passes.
They leave every fifteen minutes.
The last tour of the day is at half past five. So, if you go on that tour, you won’t be able to get off
the bus and get on a later one.
The tickets cost ten pounds for adults and five pounds for children under 16.
You can’t buy the tickets on the bus, you need to get tickets from the Tour Bus office.
The office is open from nine in the morning until five in the afternoon.
The buses leave from the main bus station.


1. Bus Tours depart every  minutes.
2. The last tour departs at .
3. Ticket prices: Adults: £10 Children: £ 
4. The office opens at  and closes at five in the afternoon.
5. Buses leave from The 


1. Bus Tours depart every fifteen minutes.
2. The last tour departs at half past five.
3. Ticket prices: Adults: £10 Children: £5.
4. The office opens at nine and closes at five in the afternoon.
5. Buses leave from the main bus station.

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