168.- The bee’s knees. Profesor.


Li: Oh, it’s a really great day for a picnic, Finn. Thank you for inviting me.

Finn: Yes, Li. I thought we could enjoy this rare sunny day in London and I wanted you to try some of my new recipes.

Li: You’re a real Heston Blumenthal! I never thought I would enjoy an olive and white chocolate salad!

Finn: And what about the beetroot loaf?

Li: Oh, yes. It was unusual but very tasty. I might want another piece!

Finn: Wonderful! But now it’s time for my best creation: my special ice cream. Here it is, Li. This is the bee’s knees!

Li: Bee’s knees?!

Finn: Yes! Here is the bowl and a spoon. Tuck in!

Li: How could you do that, Finn? Poor bees! Without their knees they might not be able to produce honey. And everyone likes honey, Finn!

Finn: Oh no, Li. No bees were harmed in the making of this dish. ‘The bee’s knees’ is an expression we use in English to say that something or someone is exceptionally good. Let’s have some examples:

  • I used to play in a band when I was younger. We had a few fans and we thought we were the bee’s knees. Yesterday I listened to one of our tapes and we sounded horrible!


  • This is the best laptop I’ve ever bought. It is very light and has the best features. It is really the bee’s knees!

Finn: You see… there are no knees and no bees in this ice cream, thank goodness – only a great taste. It’s the bee’s knees because it’s so good. It is really good! And it’s made of cinnamon!


Li: I’m afraid the bees in this park might want to give it a try too, Finn. It seems that now they know we don’t want their precious knees, they are coming closer and closer to taste your delicious food. Shall we move elsewhere?


Finn: I think so. That’s a very good idea, Li. Let’s get out of here! Bye. Bye everyone!


Li: Bye!

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