16.- Verbs gerund or infinitive 3  First Certificate

Verbs gerund or infinitive 3



  1. We decided _____rather than_______the train. fly, take


  1. They Keep _____us _____for dinner. Ask, join


  1. Remind me _____him a call . give


  1. We promised_____ them the adress . send


  1. I don´t mind _____the dirty Jobs. do


  1. I have given up ____meet . eat


  1. She refused _____my emails. answer


  1. We enjoy _____skiing in the Winter. go


  1. He admitted ______the car . scratch


  1. We´d love _____in London. live


  1. I´d like _____it again. do


  1. You agreed _____for it . pay


  1. She doesn´t want ______children . have


  1. We suggested _____to Cannes. go


  1. I miss _____to the theatre. go


  1. She has just finished ______the windows. wash



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