15.Reported Statements: Future Simple (profesor)

1. She said she would go to the cinema later.
2. She said they would meet the children at six.
3. She said she would be late.
4. She said Lucy would definitely come.
5. She told us she would stop smoking on Tuesday.
6. She said John wouldn’t do it.
7. She said they wouldn’t be able to arrive early.
8. She said she wouldn’t come with you.
9. She said he wouldn’t remember to buy milk.
10. She said it wouldn’t rain later she was sure.
11. She said the Conservatives would win the next election.
12. She told us that girl would never pass the exam.
13. She said John would arrive before David.
14. She said it would be cold tonight.
15. She said Jenny would cook dinner.
16. She said they want to get married next year.
17. She said she wouldn’t be able to afford a new car.
18. She said she wouldn’t want to attend the meeting.
19. She said Richard wouldn’t drink coffee.
20. She said she wouldn’t vote at the next election.

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