144.- Peacocking

145.-Peacocking Rob’s showing off (again), but this time he’s decided to dress up and impress Feifei. Is this an example of ‘peacocking’, and what does that really mean? Watch The English We Speak to see Feifei’s reaction, and find out the true meaning of this animal-related phrase. Transcript Feifei Hello and welcome to The English We Speak with me, Feifei… Rob …and me, Rob. Hey, Feifei. I have a little challenge for you. Feifei Oh good, I like a challenge. Rob Right. Well. Can you name a bird that has bright feathers? Feifei A parrot? Rob No. It has big colourful feathers that it sticks up when it’s showing off and trying to attract a mate. Feifei Got it! A peacock. Why are you asking? Rob Well, it’s a clue for this authentic English phrase. Can you think of an expression which describes someone showing off to attract attention? Feifei Yes, Rob. It’s ‘peacocking’ – I often use it to describe you! But, Rob, peacocking never impresses me! Rob Well, Feifei, you are hard to impress – but maybe these examples of ‘peacocking’ will… Examples Why does Dev have to wear that bright shirt and walk around the office talking and laughing loudly? It’s obvious that he’s peacocking, but to me, he’s just annoying. When we first met, I was impressed by John’s flashy clothes and constant jokes. But he was obviously peacocking because now he just wears jeans and never says anything funny! I thought my peacocking skills would work wonders on our blind date. Unfortunately, she told me I was just showing off, and I just needed to be myself. I don’t think I’ll be seeing her again. Feifei You’re listening to The English We Speak from BBC Learning English. We’re talking about ‘peacocking’, which describes someone showing off to attract attention and impress people. Rob Originally, it described an extreme and over-the-top way a man might dress and the arrogant way he might behave to attract a woman. Feifei Yes, I can see why you would have been good at that, Rob! Rob Well, women do it now too, Feifei. For example by bragging on Instagram about the amazing things they’ve done. Feifei OK, it seems like anyone can be guilty of peacocking these days. Rob Well, you’d never find me peacocking, Feifei – I’m not the sort of person to show off, I hate to attract attention. Feifei What do you mean, Rob?! You’re always centre of attention. Rob Thanks! Feifei Bye! Rob Bye bye!
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