Every day vs. Everyday


Every day is a phrase that acts as an adverb and it describes the frecuency….. (ver en nuestra gramática, frecuency adverbs y su colocación)


1.- on all of the days

2.- on each day

  1. all of theese days :: Monday ….., Sunday.

Meaning in Spanish: todos los días


Estudio inglés todos los días

I study English every day


MBi puts a new Word with its definition on twitter every day.


Everyday is an adjective ¡!!!

What does it mean?

It describes something as, regular, common place, normal….

Se puede traducir al español por “cotidiano”, “de cada día”,

Como es un adjetivo, la construcción es

Everyday + noun


Everyday activities

Even though he had won the lottery , it hadn´t changed his everyday life.






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