135.- Vocabulary related to marriage.


Vocabulary related to marriage.


MARRIAGE (noun) – it means to become a husband and wife

ex. This actress was married five times and her last marriage made her the happiest.



WEDDING (noun) – it is the ceremony which starts the marriage

ex. The wedding was supposed to start at 3.00 pm but the bride was late for almost an hour.



BRIDE – the woman who is getting married



GROOM – the man who is getting married



BEST MAN – the special friend of the groom



BRIDESMAIDS – special friends of the bride. The average number of bridesmaids in the UK is three. Usually bridesmaids have to wear the same dresses with matching shoes.



The head of the bridesmaids is called A MAID OF HONOUR. She is responsible for keeping things organised, helps the bride get dressed and stay calm on the day of her wedding. A maid of honour usually plans bride’s HEN PARTY.



HEN PARTY (NIGHT)  – a party for the bride-to-be and her female friends



STAG NIGHT – a party for the groom-to-be and his male friends



After the wedding there may be a RECEPTION, which is a party for all the guests.



A HONEYMOON is a holiday for the bride and groom after the wedding. Quite often the newlyweds chose an exotic destination for their honeymoon.



NEWLY-WED – a recently married person



People usually celebrate their WEDDING ANNIVERSARY. This is the day on which they got married.

ex. We’re going out for dinner this Saturday. It is our wedding anniversary. We’ve been married for 5 years.



 TO GET ENGAGED – to Usually, a man makes a PROPOSAL (an offer of marriage) to his girlfriend and gives her an engagement ring.



Unfortunately, if the marriage is unsuccessful they may BREAK UP (to end a relationship) or SEPARATE (to start living separately).



If they legally end their marriage, they GET DIVORCED.

ex. Sarah got divorced when she wanted to get married again.

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