12.Reported Statements: Present Continuous (profesor)

1. She told me she was sleeping.
2. She told me that they were working.
3. She told me she was coming to the party.
4. She told me he was talking on the telephone.
5. She told me Lucy was reading a book in front of the fire.
6. She said she wasn’t going out.
7. She said they weren’t visiting Paris during their trip.
8. She said she was listening to her new CD.
9. She told me John was working in bar for the summer.
10. She told me she wasn’t going to go on holiday.
11. She told me he wasn’t living in Beijing.
12. She told me she was taking the train to Berlin.
13. She told me he was never coming back.
14. She told me Jill was studying a lot.
15. She told me she wasn’t meeting Julie.
16. She said they weren’t renting a flat.
17. She said they were visiting the museum.
18. She said she was eating dinner.
19. She said they weren’t going to the library.
20. She said she was coming.

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