12.- I may/might as well


I may/might as well …..   (Se utiliza para sugerir hacer algo, frecuentemente cuando no hay otra alternativa o cuando ha habido un cambio en las circunstancias)


(el uso de “may” o “might” es indistinto)




  1. It’s pouring with rain and very cold outside so I may as well stay at home by the fire and read a book.



  1. There is a special offer at the supermarket so I might as well take advantage of it and buy some more washing up liquid even though I already have some in the cupboard.



  1. I might as well not be here for all the attention she’s paying me.



  1. This morning I’ve finished all my jobs and I’ve got nothing else to do so I may as well start getting things ready for my holiday next week.



  1. He might as well not have worked so hard for all the good it’s done him.



  1. Now that we’re in the city centre we might a
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