116.- Music Idioms. Advanced English.





Here is the first one:

1️⃣ blow your own trumpet

Meaning: to tell people good things about yourself and what you can do; can have either positive or negative connotations


She tried hard to blow her own trumpet during her annual review, but the manager ignored her story.

‘I did a really good job on the presentation last week. You should have tasted my paella,’ Harry just couldn’t stop blowing his own trumpet. 

2️⃣ for a song

Meaning: if something goes for a song, it means it is really cheap; it doesn’t cost a lot of money


I bought my first digital camera yesterday. The shop had a flash sale, and I got it for a song.

3️⃣ ring a bell

Meaning: something reminds you of something but you’re not quite sure what it is


What’s that name again? That rings a bell. I think I dealt with those people three years ago.

His face rings a bell. I think we’ve met somewhere before.

4️⃣ like a broken record

Meaning: someone’s going on and on about the same thing in an annoying fashion; something’s repeated over and over again


Julia kept asking for this new toy all day long yesterday, she really was like a broken record.

Oh, this is one of his annoying habits. He always repeats things, he’s like a broken record.

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