112.- English Idioms about Halloween


English Idioms about Halloween



1️⃣ Skeleton In The Closet (Cupboard)

Meaning: to have an embarrassing secret about your past, something that a person tries hard to conceal


The company did not disclose information to its customers because they had a skeleton in the closet.


2️⃣ A Ghost Town

Meaning: abandoned place (village, town or city) where nobody lives


There are ghost towns all over the world.


3️⃣ In Cold Blood

Meaning: to do something deliberately in a ruthless manner, never give it a thought


A man has killed a kitten in cold blood

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4️⃣ To Make Someone’s Blood Boil

Meaning: to make someone very angry


This story makes my blood boil.


5️⃣ Witch-Hunt

Meaning: a campaign against a person or group who have different or unpopular views


There was a lot of witch-hunting in the ruling party.

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