11.- Seeing that … (a la vista de que; ya que)



  1. Seeing that the programmes on television in the summer are very bad, she decided not to have a television in her flat on the coast.


  1. Seeing that language is changing all the time and new meanings are being given to old words, sometimes it’s difficult to know what people are talking about.


  1. Seeing that it’s getting very late and I’m tired of looking in the shops, let’s go home and have a cup of tea.


  1. Seeing that we’ve both passed our exams and don’t need to study during the holidays, why don’t we go to England for a few weeks to practice our English. 


  1. Seeing that the company had fallen on hard times, the Managing Director decided he would have to reduce costs.


  1. Seeing that the vicar was new, the congregation made a special effort to pay attention to his sermon.



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