105.- In terms of

In terms of


  • When people writing or speaking cannot think of a graceful way to connect one part of a sentence to another, they keep inserting “in terms of.”

I call it the Universal Joint of English. 

The more one thinks about in terms of, the less sense it makes.

Still, this is true of a lot of idioms. In terms of is OK when used sparingly. But try listening to a radio or TV broadcaster for ten minutes without hearing at least one in terms of.

Too many people overuse it; some say it twice in one sentence.

The least they could do is break up the monotony with when it comes to or in regard to—sometimes as for or simply about works just fine, too.


With regard to is Ok, but a many people consider it too formal.


as regards x

As regards your letter


Después de as regards x no hay preposición

As regards our last meeting…

As regards your notes…



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