Dictado Blue Air (profesor)

Blue Air

Thank you for flying with Blue Air today. We’ll be taking off at 4.45. We apologize
for the delay which is due to some small mechanical problems with one of the
engines, which has now been fixed. There’s no need to worry!
Flight time today is 3 hours and 50 minutes and we’ll be flying over France, Italy
and Greece. Our estimated time of arrival is 9.35pm local time.
Lunch will be served on board and the menu today is chicken pasta in a creamy
sauce or fish surprise.
Our flight attendants are here to make your flight as comfortable as possible. Our
featured movie today is Snakes on a Plane, so please sit back, relax and enjoy
our in-flight entertainment.


1. What’s the name of the airline company?

2. What time does the plane take off?

3. How long is the flight?

4. What countries does the plane fly over?

5. Which of the following is NOT on the lunch menu?
6. What is the name of the featured movie?


1. Dinner
2. 8 o’clock
3. Red wine
4. 246 Castle Street
5. Seafood

605 337 239
Luis Vives, 10
Espacio THEMAN
L9 Cruz del rayo
L4 Prosperidad