Page 1
A. 1. worked, worked 2. did, done

  1. ate, eaten 4. called, called 5. began, begun 6. give, given
  2. answered, answered
  3. saw,


  1. had, had 10. went, gone
  2. studied, studied 12. taught, taught
  3. talked talked

Present Perfect

simple form simple past past participle
know knew known
meet met met
is was/were been
fly flew flown
write wrote written
read read read
live lived lived
fall fell fallen
feel felt felt
take took taken
drive drove driven

Page 2

  1. have known 2. have learned 3. have seen 4. have been 5. has/begun 10. has spoken 11. have taken 12. have done 13. has bought 14. has had

Page 3
A. 1. hasn’t arrived 2. haven’t visited 3. haven’t spoken 4. hasn’t begun

haven’t read 9. haven’t fixed 10. haven’t been
B. 1/C 2/H 3/F 4/A 5/G 6/I 7/J 8/E 9/D 10/B Page 4

  1. has lived 7. has written
  2. has given
  3. haven’t seen 8.
  4. Jordan has been living in his apartment since 2005. 2. Ellen and Rose have known each other for 40 years. 3. The teacher has been here since 8:00 this morning. 4. Robbie has had a beard for six month. 5. Dennis has owned his car for four years. 6. Maria has worn glasses since she was five. 7. David has been in love with Patricia since they were teenagers. 8. Mark has worked at the bank for three years. 9. Sam has known how to swim for three years.

Page 9

  1. Has the teacher ever been late for class? 2. Has the pilot ever flown in a helicopter? 3. Has your father ever made dinner for your mother?
4. have you ever found a lot of money on the street? 5. Have the children ever gone camping in the forest? 6. Has the baseball team ever won a championship game? 7. Has the actress ever forgot her lines? 8. Has the policeman ever shot anyone? 9. Have the politicians ever broken their promises?

Page 10

  1. I have had the flu since last week. 2. She has been divorced for a long time. 3. He has been absent from school all week. 4. I have lived in this apartment since I moved to this city. 5. The teacher has already taught that lesson. 6. Edith has worn glasses since she was a child. 7. She hasn’t been at work since she broke her leg. 8. The children have been very happy since they got their new dog.

Page 11

  1. How long has Jane worked at a travel agency? 2. How long has bill worn glasses? 3. How long have Mark and Sharon been Married?
4. How long have you known Ben? 5. How long has Margaret had a bad cold? 6. How long has John owned a Toyota? 7. How long has the

teacher been in the classroom? has Kerry believed in ghosts?

Page 12

  1. have, written, did, wrote
  2. How long have Daniel and Sara been on Vacation? 11. How long has the boss been angry at his secretary?
  3. How long has Andrea spoken French? 10. How long 12. How long has the fridge been empty?
  4. has, seen, has, saw

Page 13

  1. moved, have lived 7. worked, has had have already learned
  2. have, had 12. started,
  3. have, bought, have, bought 3. has, worn, has, wore
7. has, spoken, has, spoke 8. has, lost, have lost 9. has, taken, has, took 10. have, met, have met
  4. have been, went 3. lost, haven’t found 4. did, quit, haven’t smoked 5. bought, has never bought 8. fell, broke, has been 9. was, have been 10. have never met, spoke 11. drove, have already driven
  5. died, moved, has been
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