37. Present simple or continuous 15 A1/A2 (profesor)

Present simple or continuous SOLUCIONES



  1. am playing(to play)football right now.

    2. I play(to play)football on Saturdays.

    3. I play (to play)football every Tuesday.

    4. I learn (to learn) English at school (2 hours a week).

    5. Maggy is cooking (to cook)in the kitchen now.

    6. Maggy cooks (to cook) for her grandmother on Sundays.

    7. Billy  loves (to love)Mary.

    8. Billy likes (to like)Chinese food.

    9. Billy’s father  is jogging (to jog)in the park today.

    10. Nicholas is reading (to read)a fantastic book, keep silent !

    11. Erik wants (to want) to go outside.

    12. Patrick is playing (to play)on his computer this afternoon.

    13. Rupert is eating (to eat) chicken wings at the moment: he is very hungry.

    14. What are you doing (you /do) ? I’m reading.


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