36. Present continuous OR Present simple? 14 A1/A2 (profesor)

Present continuous OR Present simple? SOLUCIONES



‘My name is (to be) Peter;

l live (to live) in the suburbs of Boston with my family.

Most people believe (to believe)

we are (to be) rich because

we live (to live) in a big house.

But our family seems (to seem) to be like any other one. Have a look:

Maggy, my wife, likes (to like) cooking.

She enjoys (to enjoy) being in the kitchen with her friends.

At the moment she is making (to make) a cake and you can’t talk to her.

What really worries (to worry) her is our daughter

who prefers (to prefer) to chat in front of her computer instead of cooking with her.

Like many teenagers, Jenny thinks (to think)

it is (to be) easier to get advice from someone

you are not going to (not + to go to) see later.

It’s 5 pm. Paul, my son, is playing (to play) basketball in the garden

and I am watching (to watch) TV,

am waiting (to wait) for this delicious cake

that Maggy is cooking (to cook) . I told you, a family as yours.



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