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10 English Phrases with NO

  1. It’s no secret

= something is obvious; everyone knows it; everyone can see it.

It’s no secret that he’s in love with her. He constantly talks about how beautiful she is.

  1. It’s no surprise/wonder

= something is logical/expected

He was always playing sports as a child, so it’s no surprise that he’s now a professional athlete.

It is no wonder that most parents

are opposed to the legalisation of cannabis.

No es de extrañar que la mayoría

de los padres estén en contra de la legalización del cannabis.

  1. It’s no use / There’s no point (in)

= something will not work; will not have any result/success, so it’s not worth trying. No sirve de nada. Es inútil….

It’s no use trying to make a call – there’s no signal in this area.

There’s no point wasting time worrying about things you can’t change.

  1. It’s no coincidence/accident

= there is a connection between two things; they are not a result of random chance

It’s no coincidence that the poorest neighborhoods are also the most violent.

  1. There’s no denying/question/doubt

= something is clearly true

As annoying as I find that pop star, there’s no denying that she has a lot of influence.

  1. There’s no need to

= something is not necessary

We have plenty of time. There’s no need to rush.

  1. There’s no choice but

= this is the only option

We missed the last train of the day. There’s no choice but to wait until tomorrow.

  1. There’s no reason

= something does not have a logical cause

The strategy seems to be working; there’s no reason to make any changes.

  1. There’s no chance

= something is impossible

I set 3 different alarm clocks so there’s no chance of oversleeping!

  1. There’s no ˈknowing/ˈsaying/ˈtelling…

It is impossible to know/say/tell: There is no telling what he may do when he gets angry.

There’s no saying what will happen.

There is no way one can be sure; no one knows or can tell. He’s already very volatile at the moment—no telling how he’ll react to bad news like this. Unfortunately, there’s no telling if such an effort will actually translate to a meaningful, long-lasting improvement in the economy.




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