24.-In case if 1.

I took my bike  …………. I should have a chance to ride.   He asked me …….I wanted to go out for dinner.   Use the fire extinguisher ……….there is a car fire.   I would buy a plane ……….I won a lot of money on lotto.   Having a GPS with you increases survival chance ……….. of avalanches.   ………..  of emergency, walk quickly towards the exit point.   Call me please ……..  my parents come in.   I´ll...

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116.- Conjunctions of correlation

Correlate Conjunctions are always used in pairs. They show the relationship between the ideas expressed in different parts of a sentence. Examples:   Both…and             Both Susan and her sister are in the forest now   Not only…but also  He not only smokes but also drinks every day   Rather…than         He is very honest. He would rather starve than steal.   Either…or              Either you or she must wash the window in the kitchen   ...

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115.- In case an if

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114.- Rather + would rather C1

Rather We use rather as a degree adverb (rather cold, rather nice). We also use it to express alternatives and preferences (green rather than blue, coffee rather than tea, slowly rather than quickly).   Rather as a degree adverb We use rather to give emphasis to an adjective or adverb. It has a similar meaning to quite when quite is used with gradable words. It is more formal than quite. We often use it to express something unexpected or surprising: A: You’re not just wasting your time here, are you? B: No, I’m rather busy, in fact. They...

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45.- This is finger lickin’ good – Esto está para chuparse los dedos

This is finger lickin’ good – Esto está para chuparse los dedos

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